LEGGETT EYEWEAR is a creation which resulted from our philosophy of life. Life is so beautiful… We will have to do our best in order to make it more and more beautiful and comfortable.


Leggett’s goal, consequently, is to create and present it’s collections, which will always be a guarantee of protection and beauty. So we took raw material and shaped it into something genuine and beautiful. We summoned up imagination, sensitivity, love, will and care in order to offer you our truth.

Armed with unique creations, savour extraordinary sunlit images, so that your eyes reflect joy, as if you were listening to the most wonderful melody.

Create splendid pictures of summer days, flooded with light!

Love the beginning, the paths, the highways, the horizon, the travels
…life itself.


Since the most beautiful images are those you haven’t seen yet, Leggett’s sunglasses will be your friendly travel companions in your eyes’ travels!